Welcome to CPTI

Calcutta Pilot Training Institute is the best place for future pilots.

This is a place where you go through your Ground Training before investing a large amount of money in your flying training.

CPTI has seen rapid growth due to excellence in imparting knowledge and its outstanding track record of building a career as a Commercial Pilot. Moreover, the enthusiasm of the Instructors is the reason behind the success of our students.

We are successfully providing ground training with proper guidance since 2019 to all budding pilots who dream to conquer the skies. In CPTI, along with imparting an excellent level of knowledge, you will be in constant touch with airline pilots as well. Senior pilots from other flying institutes will enlighten you with their own experience and knowledge. Finally, your desire will be easier to realize thanks to the course.

In addition, CPTI has an instructional team of selected licensed pilots from the best flying institutes like IGRUA, with outstanding alumni of pilots all over the country. The Most important thing is we aim to  nurture your base over just helping you clear those DGCA exams before you take the skies and conquer them.

At the same time, our experts will stand behind all of our students at every step of their career, from counselling to airlines.

Moreover, our organization does whatever it takes to ensure success.

 Hence Calcutta Pilot Training Institute would like to invite you to join us on this glorious journey. And then we’ll demonstrate to you the proper path to becoming a pilot.

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Archika Nandi
I feel privileged to get such quality of training at this fee structure.
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Ankit Saha
I would highly recommend this institute, they will train you from the scratch till you join airlines
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Sandeep shaw
Great experience with one of the best DGCA ground class in India.
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Experienced faculty from IGRUA. Providing 100% results in dgca and rtr exams that too at a minimal cost.
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Aditya Sonkar
Best place to start career for commercial pilot training

Why Choose Us

♦  Experienced Team of Commercial Pilots

 Live and Video Sessions

♦ Online & Offline Classes

♦ Guest Lecture by Aviation Experts

 Regular DGCA Model Exams

♦ Exclusive Customized Study Materials with Airline Interview Question Sets

♦ Free Demo Class

♦ 600+ Hours of Training per Batch

♦ 100% Student Satisfaction

||Pre Ground Training Orientation Briefing||

  • Furthermore this is a complimentary course specially designed to bridge the gap between 10+2 / college studies and DGCA Subjects.
  • Concept which a cadet must know before starting with DGCA Ground Training, ‘Bernoulli’s Theorem’, ‘Density’, ‘Pressure’, ‘Otto Cycle’ etc. In this course of one week, we highlight on those aspects along with aptitude build up for each cadet before you start the training.

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