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Minister of State for Civil Aviation V K Singh informed the Lok Sabha that there are currently 36 Flying Training Organizations (FTOs) operating at 57 bases. The aviation ministry disclosed on Thursday that 993 commercial pilot licenses and 407 Airline Transport Pilot Licences (ATPL) had been given this year till July.
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500 Airbus planes have been ordered as part of IndiGo’s expansion strategy.

By India Today Web Desk: In a major expansion push, IndiGo said it will be receiving 500 more aircraft on order from Airbus to serve passengers flying from India to Istanbul and beyond Europe, said the airline’s Head of International Sales, Vinay Malhotra.

“We have 500 more aircraft on order for expansion plan. Currently flying 1,800 flights a day and 10 per cent of them on international routes. Farthest we travel is to Turkey, Istanbul and is keen to fly far,” said Malhotra.

The CEO of Airbus calls the purchase of 250 aircraft by Air India a “HISTORIC MOMENT.”

Once the new aircraft start to arrive in considerable numbers, Air India, which today consists of Vistara and Air Asia India, will probably have the youngest fleet in the world within a few years.

The biggest aviation deal in history will see the Tata Group purchase 250 aircraft from Airbus. For Air India, owned by the Tata Group, the deal includes 210 narrow-body aircraft and 40 wide-body long-range aircraft from the A350 family. These aircraft are likely to be variations of the A320neo series.

How She Disrupted the Status Quo at 26 and Became the Youngest Woman Pilot to Command a Commercial Jet

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Indian Airlines hired Nivedita Bhasin as a pilot when she was 20. With more than 22,000 hours of flying experience, she co-piloted the first all-female crew flight in history in 1985. And in 1989, Nivedita Bhasin, then 26 years old, became the third woman to command a commercial jet in India. She later took control of an Airbus 300 in 2011. Even during the civil war, she helped Indians, trapped in Libya. The captain then became the first female pilot to hold the position of chief safety officer at Air India.

India currently tops the globe in the proportion of female pilots, up from having only three before.

Aviation Bulletin:

  • “Ude Desh Ka Aam Nagrik”

With the help of the subsidised regional connectivity programme (RCS) Ude Desh Ka Aam Nagrik(UDAN), the number of airports in operation rose from 74 to 147 during the course of the last eight years.

  • Third-largest aviation market: India

India is now the third-largest aviation market in the world, and domestic air traffic recovery there has been among the highest globally after COVID. In the past six years, UDAN planes have carried more than one billion passengers.

  • More travel to India

Vinay Dube, the founder and CEO of Akasa Air, said: “The announcement of 50 additional airports and ramping up of air transport infrastructure will support the nation’s growing demand for air travel. The focus on promoting domestic tourism will provide impetus to further revival of the sector and aligns with our vision to strengthen India’s transportation system”.

  • The skies were cleared for aircraft.

India had last year simplified the method of acquiring new types of aircraft. Because it is opened its skies to flying vehicles not previously seen here. Such seaplanes and four-seaters, to give wings to its ambitious regional connectivity effort.

  • The government welcomes UDAN

The necessity of giving authorization of an aircraft for short-term wet leasing (hiring with operating crew) of an aircraft has been abolished by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA).

  • Flying High Once More!

Rajesh Magow, group CEO and co-founder of MakeMyTrip, said:

“The FM has highlighted tourism as a focus area. The Union Budget entails initiatives like revival of 50 airports, building of 50 new destinations, and high budgetary outlays on railways, roads, and highways. Which will helps long-term growth for the domestic travel and tourism industry.”

  • Forming regional airlines

UDAN has prompted the launch of new regional carriers. RCS also sees significant participation from many established, major players.

  • UDAN supported native carriers

For instance, aviator Sanjay Mandavia launched this regional airline FlyBig in 2021 due to UDAN, using Guwahati Rupasi as its maiden route! “As of now we have three 72-seater ATRS. We are inducting two 19-seater Twin Otters and are in discussion with Hindustan Aeronautics Ltdfor the made-in-India Dornier 228. If those talks do not work out, we will opt for more Twin Otters. Our airline took off only because of the UDAN scheme”. said Mandavia.