Calcutta Pilot Training Institute

Q. Can Commerce student become a Pilot?

Ans. Yes, Firstly, if you have Commerce and you have Math in your intermediate. Then you need to study Physics and Chemistry. So, you have to pass the exams in Physics and Chemistry. Secondly, if you don’t have Math in your intermediate, then you need to give the exams for all the three subjects.

Q. Do students get any guidance on documentation?

Ans. Calcutta Pilot Training Institute will take care of all your documentation. Including: Computer Number and Medicals also.

Q. Will we get assistance in base selection?

Ans: Hence, Calcutta Pilot Training Institute has a designed team and process to help you in selecting the best possible base customize to your requirement.

Q. How many days do I need for the course?

Ans: Your training curriculum is for 5-6 months of extensive training, where you will not only be trained for DGCA exam but also prepare for your base as a Professional Pilot with various orientation and grooming sessions.

Q. What happens if I fail my exams?

Ans: We provide training support until students clear their DGCA exams. However If a student is unable to clear the exams in the first attempt or with the entire batch, they have the option to continue with the next batch or attend the institute’s evening doubt clearing sessions. Moreover, this ensures that students receive the necessary support to succeed in the DGCA exams and leads to a successful career in the aviation industry.

Q. Will I have to study full time?

Ans: Surely, with regular studies and completing your assigned tasks, you will be able to ace the exams with ease.

Q. What are the different types of license?

Ans: There are four different types of license.

a) Student Pilot License (SPL)

b) Private Pilot License (PPL)

c) Commercial Pilot License (CPL)

d) Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL)

Q. How long does it take to obtain a license?

Ans: Apparently 1 to 1.5 years, however it depends on how fast you clear your papers.

Q. What are the medical requirements for a student pilot?

Ans: Undergo class 2 and class 1 exam. Although, our dedicated team will help you with every step of your medicals.

Q. At what age should I start my flying lessons?

Ans: Accordingly, to start your flying training, your minimum age should be 16 years. However, usually cadets start their CPL training after completion of class 12.

Q. I wear spectacles. Can I be a pilot?

Ans: Yes, obviously you can become a pilot. It’s a myth that people with spectacles cannot become a pilot. Furthermore, your vision should be 6/9 without spectacles and 6/6 with spectacles.