We guide you with the Entrance Exam Preparation and help you to become a Commercial Pilot

commercial-pilot Entrance Exam Preparation

Calcutta Pilot Training Institute helps you through all supports and facilities so that you can clear entrance examination with an instructional team of pilots from top-notch institutions. In addition, CPTI helps you clear entrance examinations for IGRUA , Indigo/ Spice Jet / Vistara cadet program.

Also, we provide you with all the necessary materials and guidance needed for clearing such exams.

About some of the main entrance exams:

IGRUA : The Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Uran Akademi holds a Commercial Pilot entrance test for anyone interested in enrolling in the CPL programme. The Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Uran Akademi (IGRUA) is a pilot or flying training facility that is part of the Indian government’s Ministry of Civil Aviation. The university offers flight instruction that leads to the acquisition of a commercial pilot’s licence (CPL). Auxiliary courses, such as multi-crew coordination (MCC) and crew resource management (CRM) are also available through IGRUA.

The computer-based Online Written Exam is one of the criteria used to pick candidates for IGRUA.

An interview round and a Pilot Aptitude Test will follow. Candidates must pass each test stage, including the ones listed below, in order to be accepted into the CPL programme.

They will invite candidates who pass the online written exam to participate in the interview phase. Then they will invite the shortlisted applicants to take the Pilot Aptitude Test. Thus, they will make the final decision based on the results of the Aptitude Test.

Airline Entrance

Round 1 – Technical written exam

This is the first round for almost all airlines’ selection process in India. There are 120 odd multiple-choice questions based on topics like aerodynamics, jet engines, performance, meteorology, air navigation, regulations, etc. Though the questions are multiple choice, they’re not objective questions. Some of them are numerical, which require calculation and appropriate marking.

2- Personal Interview

3- Simulator Flight Proficiency Test

4- Pre-Employment Medical Examination and Psychometry Evaluation at the company approved centre.