byron-sterk-jMpLgHLeXZQ-unsplash-1024x683 Technical General

Technical General is important to help you understand the mechanics of flying. The principles of flight are one of the most important topics that every student should know.

The subject of Technical General is moreover, important to understand the workings of flying. 

1. Principles of Flight:

The principle of flight is the ability of an object to fly, either by generating lift or thrust. Besides, the principle of flight is the basis for many innovations in the field of aviation. There are two main types of flight – gliding and powered flight. We accomplish gliding by riding air currents, whereas powered flight uses engines to provide the thrust needed to overcome gravity.

2. Power Plant:

The study of aircraft engines, mechanics and design. Airplanes need power plants to provide the necessary thrust for takeoff as well as to maintain flight. 

3. Aircraft Structures and Hydraulics:

Aircraft structures are those parts that provide the strength, shape, and form for the aircraft. The fuselage is the body of an aircraft and contains most of the components that make up the plane. The wings provide lift for takeoff and landing by creating a low-pressure area over each wing due to their curvature. Hydraulic systems use fluid pressure to transmit force from one point to another inside an aircraft.

4. Performance:

The performance aspect of aircraft is concerned with finding ways to increase aircraft efficiency and effectiveness irrespective of whether it achieves this through improvements in engine design or airframe modifications.

5. Electrics and electronics:

This section is about the basic idea of how an aircraft is powered by electricity. Electricity powers Aircrafts to provide power for flight. We use Different types of generators that produce electrical energy to supply the required power for these sections. The way in which we generate electricity in a plane depends on the type of engine being used, be it a turbofan or a turbojet. 

Course Duration: 3 months