Can a commerce student become a pilot?

Can a commerce student become a pilot?

can commerce student become a pilot?

Students are pursuing various kinds of education for job-related opportunities out there. Some opt for Doctors, Professors, Engineers, Merchant Navy, Pilots, etc. But here we will discuss about the aspirants who want to become pilots but are not from a science background. It is a question mark for those aspirants. How Can a commerce student become a pilot? Do not worry! Stick to this article up to the end.

Students after passing their high school, choose different streams in their intermediate. Some of them do not necessarily get science due to the percentage of criteria fixed by the school. Besides this, the seat of a particular stream gets full. If you are a commerce student and you want to become a pilot then read the criteria listed below.

  • Physics, Chemistry, Math, and English are vital subjects to become a pilot.

Profession of Pilot for commerce student

Firstly, if you have commerce and you have math in your intermediate. Then you need to study Physics and chemistry. So, you have to pass the exams in Physics and Chemistry. Secondly, if you don’t have Math in your intermediate then you need to give the exams for all the three subjects.

Profession of Pilot for arts student

The subject combination is the same for the art students also. They also need to study Math, Physics, and chemistry in their intermediate(class 12) compulsorily.

But now the question arises how and where would I give the exams of these subjects individually?

About NIOS

NIOS (National Institute of Open Schooling) is the open institute for the students to give exams in any subject. This open institute provides the students with the ease to choose any subject combination. The fee structure is also kept minimum so that anyone can afford it. The key benefit of this institute is that it provides the flexibility to select any subject of your choice. You don’t need to be a science student to choose physics or chemistry or any other subject. Being a commerce student, you can choose science subjects and sit for the exams. You have to register with your name, mobile number, email-id, and other relevant documents. Then you have to choose the subjects whose exams you have to give to qualify for the criteria to become a pilot.

The link to NIOS is attached below where you can register yourself. You can go through their website and read about the fee structure. Read about the combination of subjects available. So I hope you enjoyed reading the article and suggest someone who wants to become a pilot. From now onwards if anybody asks that “Can commerce student become a pilot?” The answer is Yes of course!

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