CPTI – Pilot Training in India

CPTI – Pilot Training in India

pilot training in india

CPTI- Pilot Training in India.

We aims to provide you with:

  • Online classes which you can attend from the comforts of your home/Flight Training Institute or Offline Classes in Kolkata as per your preference.
  • Guidance for the application of Computer No, Medicals, other documentations.
  • Our Study material includes the most renowned books in aviation(like Oxford, Keith Williams, etc). Also It will save you tens of thousands of rupees VS If purchased from anywhere else.
  • Notes for quick reference and revision for the Exams.
  • A platform to be part of a community of pilots and empower you to spread your wings. Start flying at your desired FTO without any DGCA or RTR exam holding you back.

So what are you waiting for? Schedule a free demo session with us, CPTI, One of the Bests for Pilot Training In India

Calcutta Pilot Training Institute (CPTI) is one of the best places for DGCA Ground Training:

Flying is a wonderful experience. And, one would always want to have a flying office that takes them to wonderful places every time. The general problem is that most aspiring pilots are unfamiliar with the approach to their careers. Because they have no family, friends, or acquaintances in the aviation industry. Hence, they often end up paying more than what’s required.

CPTI invites you to join our online/physical ground training program. One of the bests, for the preparation for DGCA and RTR exams. These exams are a challenging hurdle in the accomplishment of your dream to become a pilot. But you need not have to worry. Because this is your chance to know the subjects and interact with fellow aviation enthusiasts. Our instructors are already a part of the journey you wish to pursue. So take this opportunity before investing lakhs of your money in flying training. Besides, this our training package is budget-friendly.

Apart from clearing your papers, which is a mandatory requirement for commencement of flight training, in most of the Flight Training Organizations (FTOs) across India, your interaction with the cadets of various FTOs attending our lectures along with interactive sessions with airline pilots would surely help you know the insights of those FTOs and choose better for yourself rather than blindly believing what they advertise.

In a nutshell, all the FTOs expect you to clear your papers for you to start flying, the sooner you clear your papers, the faster is your flying. So, take a step ahead in the field of aviation with our trained instructors and our faculty.

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