The Future of Aviation

The Future of Aviation

The Future of Aviation

Aviation in simple terms stands for the designing, building, and flying of aircraft and departments related to Aircraft Industry. The future of aviation is providing the aspirants with the best future opportunities. Planning a budget-friendly cost for the travel within less time. And also to provide the passengers with better hospitality. The story of Aircraft started 100 years before.

On 17 December 1903 near Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, Orville, and Wilbur Wright made the first successful flight. It was a self-propelled flight that stayed in the air for 12 seconds and covered 120 feet. Recently Aircraft Industry has evolved with advanced technologies, inbuilt Automation, and robotics. The advanced technologies incorporated into the flying vehicles make it easy for pilots to fly high up over the clouds. The pilot can communicate with the control team and ensure a safe journey for the passengers. Many Airline companies provide better service to their passengers for flights. Some are owned by the government and some by private companies.

TATA Group owns AIR INDIA with a successful bid of 18000 INR crore by the Department of Investment and Public Asset Management (DIPAM). The government is trying to make the journey by flight purposeful. And promoting the young generation to participate in the carrier of Aviation. Regional Airlines and major Airlines like Truejet, JetBlue Airways, WestJet, Alaska Airlines, Arrival of JET Airways are the pre indication that there will be a huge demand for pilots in the coming days. The prices of flights are budget-friendly. As a result, a middle-class family can pay for this. The future of Aviation is breaking through the boundary of undemanding sight to the crucial time ahead.

Growth of Aviation Post Covid

During the covid, thousands of pilots lost their jobs. Because most of the airlines were not operating at that time. All of us might have read hundreds of such headlines. As a result, students pursuing a carrier in aviation were in a state of confusion. After speaking to 500 such concerned parents, aspirants, student pilots, and CPL holders, we got the realization of a bigger picture.

Due to a higher risk of infection in trains, most people avoided journeys by train. So people choose to travel by airways over train as the safest one. So, based on that we have absolutely no doubts in saying that “covid- 19” has proven to be a blessing. This can result in the commercial aviation market from a growth point of view in the long term.

Comparatively the fare charges between the train and air are almost the same. Therefore, we can say that low-cost airfare has proven to be more economical than 2nd class AC train. Even a vendor chooses to travel via air and earn for the next 18 hours. The most beneficial part of travel through airways is that it saves time. While traveling by train takes a lot of time as compared to Airways. With the fear of flying going away from the minds of common people. And visualizing the increase in population in India we can imagine the growth of commercial aviation in the coming years. The government is also launching new schemes to promote travel by Airways that we will discuss next.

UDAN Scheme

UDAN scheme is launched by the Ministry of Civil Aviation. It stands for “Ude Desh Ka Aam Naagrik” . The moto of the scheme is to connect all the small cities with big cities. Through this scheme, the non-operational Airports are made operational. UDAN 4.0 is the latest scheme in which Government approves 78 new routes. As a result, it enhanced the connectivity of remote and regional areas. The operation of helicopters and seaplanes is also incorporated In UDAN 4.0. This scheme will facilitate job opportunities in remote areas. This scheme is valid for 10 years. For a distance of up to 500 km and a one-hour flight duration, the price will be approximately 2500 INR.

Finally, we can conclude that the UDAN scheme will provide better carriers in Aircraft Industry to the aspirants. The future of Aviation will reach the next level in the coming years.

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