Books for pilot training

Books for pilot

Carrier in Pilot training is a fascinating job. It requires advanced knowledge and a brilliant IQ. It is a professional course that requires deep learning. The course is interesting because you are taught to fly up in the sky. The best institutes are there in the market to promote carriers in Aviation. So in this article, I will suggest the books for pilot training. These books are helpful to clear the DGCA exams also. So you can go through the books that are listed.

At Calcutta Pilot Training Institute, books are complimentary with the course.

Air Navigation

Oxford Publishers is the one we would recommend. The different topics that come under Air Navigation are listed below.

  • General Navigation
  • Instrumentation
  • Radio Navigation
  • Flight planning and Monitoring
  • Mass and balance
  • Performance


The preferred book for meteorology is Aviation Meteorology by Group Captain IC Joshi. You can also go for Oxford Aviation publishers.

Technical General

We will again recommend going with Oxford publishers. This publisher comes with the series of books listed below.

  • Principles of flight
  • Powerplant
  • Airframes and Systems
  • Electric and Electronics
  • Performance


For radiotelephony, we will recommend the Aviation telephony manual by Wg. Cdr. R.K. Bali.

Air Regulation

For air regulation, we recommend Air regulations for CPL/ATPL by Wg. Cdr. R.K. Bali .

So, these are the lists of books that you can purchase. These books are the recommended books that will help to clear your other exams. Besides recommending the books I have listed the series of the books under each category. The books are available in the market but that will cost you high, at Calcutta Pilot Training Institute, books are complimentary with the course.

Books are a way to boost your knowledge practically to a higher limit.

The books for pilot training will help to understand the concept better. Because after the completion of each chapter, test questions are given. So that you can solve them and test your knowledge.

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How to get CPL in India?

maxresdefault-1-1024x576 How to get CPL in India?

CPL stands for Commercial Pilot License. CPL permits you to fly a commercial flight. As we have a Driving License to drive a vehicle. In the same way to fly an aircraft, one must hold a license. This license is known as CPL(Commercial Pilot License). This license allows you to fly planes that carry normal passengers. Here I will mention in brief how to get CPL in India? Getting a CPL is not a burdensome job. Some important points and conditions must be noted down to get the CPL.

  • One must be 18 years old to hold the CPL license.
  • He / She must have passed Senior Secondary(class 12) with Physics and Math.
  • One must qualify for two medical tests to get the CPL.
  • Obtaining a Computer Number.
Capture How to get CPL in India?

Now we will discuss these 3 points briefly so that you will have a clear vision of this.

Eligibility for CPL in India

The first condition is that the candidate must be 18 years of age. As in, they will be more mature and visionary to be eligible for the license. In case of qualification Physics and mathematics will be the compulsory subject. So that a candidate can calculate the distance, and height, and have knowledge about air navigation, hey can understand the meteorological reports etc. Many risks are involved while flying a commercial plane. Such as thunderstorms in the sky, turbulence, and other aircraft may fly in that zone. So to avoid any kind of such risks pilots need to be mentally and physically fit.

Medical Test for Commercial Pilot License

The third point thus is necessary that to get CPL one must undergo medical tests. This test includes class 1 Medical tests and class 2 Medical tests. This will prove that the candidate is mentally and physically healthy. So is eligible for the CPL.

  • Class 1 medical test includes ears, eyes, psychical examination, electrocardiogram (ECG), lung function, cholesterol, haemoglobin blood, chest X-ray, and urine.
  • Class 2 medical test certifies that the person is both physically and mentally fit.

Computer Number

A computer number is a UID(unique identification number). This is a roll number allotted to a candidate to sit for the CPL exam. The subjects included in passing the CPL exam are listed below.

  1. Air Navigation
  2. Air Regulations
  3. Aviation Meteorology
  4. Technical General
  5. Technical Specifics

Now you have got the important conditions and points on how to get a CPL in India? Let me also discuss briefly where to get the CPL?

You can apply for CPL yourself or via the Training Institutes. You should have a good flight hour. Ground training is required to get hands-on expertise. Training institutes will provide the ground training of aircraft so to make their aspirant eligible for CPL. Flight hours mean the time that you invest in flying an aircraft. The more you fly an aircraft, the more experience you gain. So the chance of getting CPL will increase. These are the basic procedures and steps to getting CPL in India.

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